Early Immigrants to America
Christopher Ensell         Arrived in Virginia Colony 1635.
                                   Found in early Virginia Immigrants 1623 to 1666
                                   Baltimore Genealogical Pub. Company page 107

Jonathan Ensell            Arrived in Virginia Colony in 1695.
                                   Cavaliers & Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Vol. 3.
                                   Richmond, Virginia State Library 1976 page 1

Edward Ensell              Arrived in America in 1795.
                                   Western Pennsylvania Genealogical  Society

Edward Ensell Jr.          Arrived in America in 1801.
                                   Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society

Hendrick Ensell            Columbia County, N.Y.  1790 Census page 72

Lodowick Ensell           Duchess County N.Y. 1790 census page 404

Peter Ensell                  Columbia County N.Y. 1800 census page 1120

Philip Ensell                  N.Y. City ward, N.Y. County N.Y. page 404

Sarah Ensell                  4W. Brooklyn, 2nd District Kings County N.Y.
                                    1860 Census page 910

Thomas Ensell               15W. New York City, Dis 2nd N.Y. 1860 census page

George Ensell                Rhinrbeck, Duchess County N.Y. 1860 census page 883

C. R. Ensell                  Adingdon, Knox County, Ill 1860 census page 1048

Catherine Ensell            Wheeling 3rd ward, Ohio County, Va. (now W.va.)
                                   1840 census page 45

Charles Ensell               1 Allegheny City, Allegheny County, Pa.
                                   1860 census page 648

John Ensell                   Birmingham Borough, Allegheny County Pa
                                   1850 census page 65

John J. Ensell                No twp. listed, Washington County, Al
                                    1840 census page 239

John Ensell Sr.              No twp. listed, Washington County, Al.
                                   1840 census page 296

L. H. Ensell                  Springfield P.O., Sangamon County, Ill.
                                   1860 census page 239

Louise Ensell               Married Philip Schier, Knox County, Tenn. 12-25-1895

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