Family Bible Entries

Notations Copied from the Bible of
George Ensell
Albert  Edward Ensell
March 18, 1932

This book is presented to George Ensell by his sister Sarah
on his Birthday February 27th, 1845
Hoping He may make it a lamp unto his feet
and a light unto his Hart.
Psalm 119

George Ensell and Elizabeth Evens
Married at the Church of St. John the Evangelist
Monument Lane Birmingham. July 2nd, 1855
Edward James, the first born child
May 14, 1856, at No Cupper Priory
Birmingham about 10 pm
George Dehenzell, the second child
Born 27, july 1857 at No Cupper Priory
Birmingham, about 5 am

 George Dehenzell and Edward Ensell  Christened
at St. Phillips Church, Birmingham, June 18, 1858.
J.M. Aston - Clergy
Copy Registered - 12 september 1871
Reg. Number 2606
Joseph Charles Gell -  Parish Clerk
Elizabeth, the third child,
Born 31st March, 1859, about 11:50 am
at No Cupper Priory Birmingham
"Died at Banstead, Sutton, Surrey England
April 11th 1908
Alfred, the forth child,
Born 9th January 1861
Baptized Oct. 19, 1861 at St. Mary's
at 4 Steel House Lane

Annie Jane, the fifth child
Born May 10, 1862
at 4 Steel House Lane

Mary Blanche, the sixth child
Born Friday, the 26th June 1863 about 7 am
at 4 Steel House Lane
Samuel, the seventh child
Born October 2nd 1865 about 8 am
Died in Larches St. High Gate Lane
October 22nd 1865 about 2 pm
Buried Oct. 25 1865 at Perry Bar

Albert John, the eight child
Born october 13th 1866 about 6:30 pm
at 5 Grosvinour place. Larches St. High Gate Lane

Christopher, the ninth child
Born 4 Steel House Lane
Died at 50 Dale Lane

Arthur, the tenth child
Born 4 Steel House Lane
Died at Richard Place High Gate Lane

Charles, the eleventh child
Born 28th May 1869
Richmond Place High Gate Lane
Baptized Feb. 28th 1874 by Rev. Reakes
at our home 362 Lodge Road, Birmingham
Died March 1874 about 5 pm
Elizabeth Ensell, Died at
362 Lodge Road Dec, 27th 1875
Age 44 born 1831

Edward James Ensell & Selina Clifford,
Married at the register office in the
District of Aston in the county of Warwick, England
Feb. 18th, 1885
W. Hastings - Supt. Register

Albert Edward, the first child
Born July 5th 1886
197 Linchfield Rd. Aston Manor England

Elizabeth, the second child
Born Aug., 24 1888
50 State Street
West Philadelphia U.S.A.

Selina Ensell
Died Sept. 10th 1918
5013 Chestnut St. Philadelphia Pa.
Buried at Fernwood Cemetery
Sept. 13th 1918
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